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Shell & tube graphite heat exchanger

Application Field

The equipment can be used as condenser, cooler, heater, falling film ab

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Product Description

The equipment can be used as condenser, cooler, heater, falling film absorber, reboiler, etc.

Product Parameter

1. Structural features

The barrel and head of the equipment are made of carbon steel for corrosion protection. The tube sheet is made of impregnated graphite. The heat exchange tube is a modified phenolic resin pressed graphite tube. Between the tube and the tube sheet, a threaded sealing ring is used. Single tube sealing, performance Reliable, easy to replace and maintain.

Heat exchange tube model: Ф30/Ф20, Ф32/Ф22, Ф37/Ф25, Ф50/Ф36

2. Design parameters

Design pressure: 0.8MPa

Design temperature: -10~165℃

Heat exchange area: 10~1500㎡

3. Product description

1. The heat exchange tube of the equipment is connected to the tube sheet with a threaded seal, which has a simple, compact structure and low fluid resistance;

2. Our company can design and manufacture a single heat exchanger below 1500m according to customer requirements.

3. Type I is an ordinary heat exchanger, and Type II is a condenser with a gas-liquid separator.

4. The equipment is mainly used as cooler, heater, condenser and heater.

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