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In 2018, the company’s production base was officially settled in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Park, Qingyun County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province (Shandong Xinboao Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd.). The project covers an area of more than 40 acres and has a total investment of more than 50 million yuan. Production base of chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment and anti-corrosion equipment.

— The company attaches importance to technology research and development, and focuses on the expansion and application of graphite heat exchangers in new industries and new areas:一

1、Introduced the application of patented combined tubular graphite heat exchanger (ZGH series) in the soda ash industry. The allowable pressure of the equipment reaches 1.0MPa, which widely replaces traditional heat exchangers such as mother liquor heat exchangers and water coolers of stainless steel and titanium in the soda ash industry. It saves costs for users;

2、Introduced the application of patented combined tubular graphite semi-water gas cooler (ZGHA series) in synthetic ammonia. The heat exchange area of a single unit reached more than 2000 square meters, which greatly improved the working efficiency of the first stage compressor in the synthetic ammonia industry and reduced production costs. ;

3、Launched the second-generation product in the soda ash industry-stainless steel tube sheet graphite mother liquid heat exchanger (ZGHB series), with more reliable and superior performance;

4、Launched the application of patented tubular graphite heat exchanger in heat pump system (RBGH series);

5、The company's products were put into use in Shengli Oilfield and quickly promoted (YTGH series);

6、Develop esterification reactor (ZHJK series) to realize the combination of esterification reaction and cooler;

7、Develop a new rectangular block hole metatitanate graphite cooler (PTJK series), which is applied to the titanium dioxide industry;

8、The company's round-hole graphite heat exchanger (YLYK series) with new resin and impregnation process has been applied to the smelting industry for the first time, and the design pressure has reached above 0.8MPa.

9、Through the improvement of resin, adhesive and bonding process, the company has realized the large-scale floating-head tubular graphite heat exchanger, and the maximum heat exchange area of a single unit can reach 1500 square meters.

10、Our company is the first in the industry to introduce CNC drilling machines and CNC vertical lathes, and the processing accuracy and processing efficiency have been significantly improved.

11、Our company has successfully developed vinyl resin impregnated graphite, which has good corrosion resistance to wet chlorine, concentrated sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and other strong corrosive media, which greatly broadens the application field of graphite heat exchangers.

12、The company successfully developed a new type of high temperature resin impregnated graphite (resistant to 400 ℃).

13、The company's registered trademark "Xin Boao".

14、The design license and manufacturing license of A4 non-metallic pressure vessel (limited to graphite) have been approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

15、The company established a production base in Shandong Qingyun Jingjinji Industrial Park.

16、In 2020, Shandong Xinboao Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification and obtained the AAA credit evaluation certificate. In the same year, it obtained the A4 pressure vessel production license.