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Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid concentration system

2020.07.08 Shandong Xinboao

A chemical fiber company in Yizheng, China

Wastewater introduction:Waste acid from chemical fiber production, the main component is sulfuric acid, other organic matter:~500mg/L

Pretreatment + three-effect evaporation concentration + three-stage concentration + three-stage absorption, condensate reuse

Process brief:The sulfuric acid concentration system is initially divided into three stages. The first stage uses three-effect non-power energy-saving concentration to concentrate sulfuric acid. The raw liquid dilute acid is metered and sent to the preheater for preheating, and then enters the first-effect evaporator, then the second-effect evaporator and the third-effect evaporator for heating and evaporation. Two-effect and three-effect evaporators are negative pressure evaporation, the first-effect evaporator is directly heated by raw steam, the second-effect evaporator vaporizes the second-effect evaporator, and the second-effect evaporator vaporizes the second-effect evaporator. The three-effect evaporator evaporates, the tail gas evaporated from the three-effect evaporator enters the condensing tank after being purified and condensed by the tail gas condenser; the condensate after the condensation of other effects also enters the condensing tank; the evaporator adopts a special defoaming device . The second stage adopts a multi-stage concentration method, using two sets of evaporators with high heat transfer coefficients to concentrate to the target concentration. The evaporated tail gas passes through the tail gas purification and the tail gas condenser to condense and enters the condensate tank. The organic matter is removed by a special method. . The system is continuous production with high degree of automation, safety and stability, and stable operation.

Processing capacity:2m³/h

Technical characteristics:The treatment effect is obvious, the emission is significantly reduced, and the waste acid of chemical fiber production enterprises is treated with zero discharge

Stable effluent index, COD as low as 100ppm

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