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Wastewater (exhaust gas) purification treatment system

2020.07.08 Shandong Xinboao

A Shandong Metal Products Co.

Introduction of wastewater:Electroplating wastewater, TDS (sodium chloride):3~35%,COD:2000ppm

Process brief:First, the waste water is treated by physical and chemical treatment, and then the waste water is sent to the MVR evaporation equipment by the system transfer pump (forced circulation evaporation). The wastewater is concentrated to a concentration of approximately 45%. The concentrated material then enters the thickener to give enough time to crystallize, and then the sodium chloride solid is separated by the centrifuge, and the mother liquor returns to the system to continue the evaporation process.

Processing capacity:2m³/h

Technical characteristics:1、Significantly reduce energy consumption

2、Will not block equipment parts, low operation and maintenance costs

3、Stable effluent indicators, COD as low as 200ppm, TDS as low as 500ppm

4、The system can adapt to large fluctuations in incoming water concentration and composition

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