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Hydrochloric acid deep continuous analysis system

2020.07.08 Shandong Xinboao

An Auxiliary Co., Ltd. in Anhui

Introduction of wastewater:Fine chemical waste acid, the main components are hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride; other organic matter: ~10,000 mg/L

Process brief:The raw material acid is pumped to the first-effect evaporator, and most of the water is removed by evaporation, and then the mother liquor flows into the second-effect evaporator by itself. The sodium chloride salt slurry produced by the first-effect and the second-effect is continuously extracted from the system through the salt extraction system , The mined salt slurry enters the solid-liquid separation device; the acid-containing secondary steam generated by the evaporation of the front-effect evaporator heats the after-effect heater, and the secondary steam condensate produced after heat exchange enters the intermediate tank for collection; The heated mother liquor flows naturally into the second-effect evaporation chamber to evaporate; the collected acid-containing secondary condensate is preheated by the preheater with a pump and then enters the hydrochloric acid refining tower. After being heated by the reboiler, it is evaporated and concentrated. The hydrochloric acid solution enters the cooler and then flows to the finished acid tank for collection. The secondary steam generated by the evaporation in the hydrochloric acid refining tower enters the tail gas condenser, after condensation, it enters the condensing tank for collection and enters the subsequent process for processing. The system is continuous production with high degree of automation, safety and stability, and stable operation.

Processing capacity:1.5m³/h

Technical characteristics:1、The product effect is obvious and the water index is stable

2、COD as low as 100ppm

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