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Shandong Xinboao Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd.

Make Xinboao company a first-class enterprise in the world's graphite equipment industry

Shandong Xinboao Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at 1188 Jiangjun Road, Qingyun Economic Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province. It is a professional manufacturer of graphite heat exchangers, graphite tower equipment, anticorrosion equipment, environmental protection equipment, waste acid regeneration equipment and other chemical equipment Manufacturers, the company is committed to providing customers with systematic process solutions for mass transfer, heat transfer, corrosion-resistant graphite equipment, anti-corrosion equipment and hydrogen chloride synthesis, hydrochloric acid analysis, waste acid regeneration, waste acid concentration, exhaust gas treatment and other systems. The company covers an area of more than 26,000 square meters and has an investment of more than 50 million yuan. It is a large-scale production base of chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment and anti-corrosion equipment in China.

The company has 20 years of professional experience in the design and manufacture of graphite equipment, has A4 grade non-metallic pressure vessel production license, passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification and intellectual property standards, is a national 3A credit enterprise, and is supplied by China National Petroleum Corporation and Sinopec. Commerce, a member unit of China Industrial Anticorrosion Association and a member unit of China Non-metallic Standards Committee, participated in the formulation of the industry standard HG/T2370-2017 "Impermeable Graphite Chemical Equipment Technical Requirements".

With superior product performance, good corporate reputation, perfect after-sales service system, excellent R&D team and professional management team, our company expands the application of graphite equipment to more fields and contributes to the development of my country's chemical industry.

Xinboao warmly welcomes users and friends from all walks of life to come and guide!



20 years of experience in the professional design and manufacture of graphite equipment


The company has a production base covering an area of 26,669 square meters



The company's total investment is more than 50 million yuan


The single heat exchange area of the combined tubular graphite heat exchanger produced by the company reaches more than 2000 square meters

Company philosophy: quality first, reputation first, people-oriented, technology-oriented enterprise

Business Scope:

1、Graphite equipment: patented combined tubular graphite heat exchanger and absorber; floating head tubular graphite heat exchanger, falling film absorber; round hole graphite heat exchanger, falling film absorber; patented tubular graphite heat exchanger Graphite acid mist cooler, semi-water gas cooler; graphite reboiler, evaporator, condenser, sulfuric acid diluter; graphite packed tower, quench tower, synthesis furnace and other tower equipment; A4 pressure vessel (limited to graphite) design ,manufacture.

2、System engineering: hydrochloric acid deep (conventional) analysis system; hydrochloric acid deep continuous analysis system; wastewater (exhaust gas) purification treatment system; exhaust gas absorption system; acid mist treatment; hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid concentration recovery system; wastewater zero discharge system.

3、Anti-corrosion equipment: graphite lining, rubber lining, plastic lining, PTFE lining, etc.