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After-sales Service Measures

User Profile Management System

The company's content has established a complete user profile, which accurately records the use of the products sold, whether it is for products or customers. Using this system, the service target can be accurately located.

Customer Service Hotline

For customer service hotline, the company has set up a 24-hour service hotline 0534-3621628 for users' product use consultation, problem solving, and fault maintenance, which is convenient for solving users' problems.

After-sales Service Execution

The company also provides on-duty contact information so that users can get timely responses when problems arise. The mobile phone on duty is open 24 hours a day, and on holidays.

After-sales Service Capability

Shandong Xinboao Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd. has a good business reputation and has always won praise from customers with good after-sales service. The company has a solid technical foundation and perfect after-sales service system, which can provide customers with all-round after-sales service.

Service Content

When using this product for the first time, our company is responsible for guiding the installation and commissioning, and it can be put into use after both parties confirm that there is no problem. The company is responsible for teaching customers the basic knowledge of equipment use and maintenance and related precautions, and provides free training for customer related management and operating personnel, until qualified customer operators must strictly follow the equipment manual during the operation.

The company feedbacks and proposes a reasonable solution within 24 hours. If it is necessary to go to the site for processing, the company actively negotiates with the customer to prepare the required tools and materials as soon as possible and arrive at the site within 12 hours.