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— Quality First

"Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the foundation of the brand." With great waves, countless cases of the success or failure of enterprises are constantly verifying its correctness. Those who value quality gain the market, those who light quality are eliminated.

Quality is not only the way to rejuvenate a country, but also the life of an enterprise. What is more important than life? It can be said that quality is all of an enterprise. With excellent quality, the survival, development and benefits of the enterprise will be natural; survive by quality, develop by quality, and benefit from quality.

— Reputation First

A company and a group can’t treat suppliers, customers, users, customers, shareholders, and society in good faith. They have no sense of responsibility and only seek immediate benefits without seeking a long-lasting development track. Sooner or later, they will be eliminated by the market and society. What is abandoned is a society without integrity as the cornerstone of development. Even if there is a moment of prosperity, it is only a bubble. An economy without integrity is a deformed and unhealthy society. It is bound to be a crisis. We The company always puts customers first, and customers are above and above everything else.

We must always put ourselves under the strict judgment and scrutiny of users, accept opinions and suggestions from all quarters humbly, follow the good faith, and continuously improve the service to achieve perfection. Once the user service is not in place, the company needs to use ten times or more efforts to remedy it. It is often more urgent to restore the negative impact than to strive for a good impression. It is not difficult to provide a satisfactory service to users. The difficult thing is to provide users with long-term quality services that are tireless and fearless, and always insist on satisfying users, so as to retain old users and win new users.

— People Oriented

The goal of "people-oriented" is to have a sense of social responsibility externally, including the concept of honest management and customer first, and to cultivate team spirit internally, including a sense of collective honor and collaboration.

"Honest, enterprising, working together, and united as one" can make our enterprise invincible.

— Technology Enterprise

Scientific and technological progress seeks development, and scientific management is used to increase efficiency.

The company invests not less than 6% of its sales revenue in the construction and research and development of the enterprise technology center every year. Shandong Xinboao Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd. has successively introduced many domestic high-level researchers. At the same time, Shandong Xinboao Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd. has cooperative relations with well-known domestic universities such as Hebei University of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, Tianjin University, and has always been in an advantageous position in the development of new products in the graphite industry.

The company's products have been granted national patents by the National Intellectual Products Administration. The combined tubular graphite heat exchanger produced by the company is the first application in China. While the single tube can be replaced, the allowable pressure reaches 1.0MPa and the heat exchange area of a single unit reaches more than 2000 square meters, which greatly expands the field of use and is considered It is a huge change in the technology of tubular graphite heat exchanger.