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Acid recovery system

2020.07.08 Shandong Xinboao

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Wastewater introduction:Gas production waste acid, the main component is sulfuric acid, other organic matter: ~20,000 mg/L

Pretreatment + three-stage concentration + acid reuse, condensate and + AAO biochemical

Process brief:High-concentration sulfuric acid is transported by the feed metering pump to the preheater for preheating, and then the preheated dilute sulfuric acid flows into the multi-stage flash concentrator, and flashes and concentrates under the set temperature and vacuum conditions, and a part of it is evaporated After the water content, its concentration directly reaches the target concentration, it enters the concentrated acid storage tank after being cooled by the cooler, and is metered back to the reactor for recycling by the finished acid metering pump.

The condensed water produced by flash evaporation is adjusted to a pH value of 7-8 by the automatic dispensing neutralization device, and then enters the biochemical system for treatment and discharges to the standard. The system is continuous production with high degree of automation, safety and stability, and stable operation.

Processing capacity:1m³/h

Technical characteristics:The treatment effect is obvious, and the energy consumption is significantly reduced

Stable effluent index, TDS as low as 50ppm

The first domestic continuous gas production process adapts to large fluctuations in the concentration and composition of incoming acid.

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