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Multi-effect evaporation

2020.07.08 Shandong Xinboao

A chemical company in Suqian

Wastewater introduction:Wastewater containing manganese sulfate, TDS (manganese sulfate, etc.):90g/L;

Process brief:Firstly, the wastewater is subjected to simple pretreatment and pH adjustment, and then the wastewater is sent to the three-effect evaporation equipment by the system transfer pump (the first, second, and third effects are forced circulation evaporators). The wastewater is concentrated to a concentration of approximately 40%. The concentrated material then enters the refrigerated crystallizer for cooling and crystallization, and then the manganese sulfate solid is separated from the suction filter tank, and the mother liquor returns to the system to continue the evaporation process.

Processing capacity:3.0m³/h

Technical characteristics:Efficient separation, high degree of equipment automation, effluent manganese content below 0.1ppm;

The system is designed with a steel structure, with high system integration, small footprint, adaptable to water quality conditions of different concentrations, large processing capacity, stable operation, and low noise.

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